A design sample piece, produced in-house and individually numbered. Not available for purchase.

Only 30 have been made. 

The Workless Lamp shifts from cool to warm when it's time to call it a day.

A good task light, and a bit smarter than most. Put it where you work and turn it on when you get there.

  • Not on the internet or configurable in any way. Has one button, and the button does one thing.
  • 420 lumen output, 1000 lux brightness on work surface below. Bright enough for fine detail.
  • Gradual 60-minute shift from cool 5000K to warm 2700K light. Color shift begins 7 hours after your day starts.
  • Backlit button always matches lamp color and brightens to a nightlight when the lamp is off. 
  • 16" tall, 4"x4" footprint, 1.35lbs, 5W power

The Workless Lamp is designed and manufactured entirely by one person in Washington, DC. Spoiler alert: it's me.

It is very possible to own one of these lamps but presently impossible to buy one.

Design & Engineering