Scalar can accommodate any size project at any point in the project life cycle. We tailor our services to fit your needs, team, and budget. It's never one-size-fits-all, so there are there no forms to fill out or hoops to jump through. Just email or call.


System Design

We define the project to determine the best strategy for completion. We detail technical requirements from system architecture to critical components to size, cost, and power consumption analysis. Then, we define timelines, dependencies, milestones and deliverables to meet your unique needs.




Let us worry about the electrical schematic entry, PCB layout design, full component bill-of-materials, and manufacturing package. You get meticulous engineering for flawless integration with the rest of your system — all in an a final product you can hold in your hand.



Your project requires custom code? No problem. From tiny microcontrollers running blocks of bare-metal C to full processor systems running embedded Linux to massively parallel FPGA-based processing logic, we've got you covered.



When your focus moves beyond perfect electronics design, so does ours. Whether you must integrate with a smartphone app or a larger set of associated electronics and sensors, we'll be there all the way. Even if "integration" means being put in a little plastic box, our work isn’t done until the last one is sealed up tight.


Feasibility Analysis

Critical project requirements sometimes approach the limits of what’s possible. When you have tough requirements that can’t be budged, we tackle them first to offer real-world solutions and possible work-arounds.


Trade Studies

Design is all about trades, but electronics trades can be complex. If your project is flexible, we can help you understand the full weight of your options.


Design for manufacturing & testing

Since highly manufacturable electronics are cheaper to produce but harder to design, expert balance is key. We'll help you find your sweet spot on the DFM spectrum.


Characterization, test, measurement

Need to guarantee specific performance metrics? We can help you plan and execute rigorous tests on real hardware so you can make promises with confidence.


Mass Production Oversight

Whether domestic or abroad, keeping close tabs on the factory is the best practice. We’ll help you troubleshoot manufacturing issues before they become big problems, and help you drive success.


Technical Writing/Manuals

We offer basic documentation for every design. If your project calls for detailed or user-facing content, we can provide the level of documentation you need to succeed.


Regulatory Compliance

Not every design requires every certification, but most need at least one. We’ll help you determine which are relevant and necessary, and make sure the process runs smoothly.