CJ Picklesimer, P.E.  Founder, Scalar Electronics

CJ Picklesimer, P.E.

Founder, Scalar Electronics

Scalar Electronics speeds creative teams from great idea to working iteration with customized, professional electrical engineering services that make hardware easy.

As expectations for custom electronics push earlier and earlier into the product life cycle, the electronics design process can become an intimidating block for creative teams not staffed to face electrical engineering challenges. CJ founded Scalar Electronics to offer creative teams a better way forward.

CJ has designed electronics across all major industries for more than 8 years. After electrical engineering stints at contract firms RHV and AES, CJ served as the Chief Engineer and Operations Manager for pioneering IoT startup, Supermechanical. Having worked on dozens of electronics designs for of all types of clients, as well as developing and designing products directly for consumers, CJ's experience is tough to match. 

Whether we're talking automated angioplasty devices or camera gimbal controllers, wearable Linux push-to-talk systems or military infrared image correction processors, industrial flow monitors or consumer-grade smart cooking thermometers, CJ has faced electronics design challenges large and small. Scalar Electronics currently advises clients from San Francisco to Cambridge, and plenty in between.

If that’s not enough, CJ is also a state-licensed professional electronics engineer, and principal designer for all Scalar brand electronics available in our store. He also managed to write this entire page about himself in the third-person, which was pretty uncomfortable — but a guy's got to do what a guy's got to do.

  • Medical and laboratory electronics for RHV

  • B.S. in Computer Engineering from RHIT

  • Military, consumer, industrial electronics for AES

  • P.E. in Electronics & Electrical Engineering

  • Development, engineering and operations for Supermechanical

  • Founded Scalar Electronics

  • Complete resumé here