Turning concepts into custom hardware with a process that will carry you through education, expectations, and execution



Wherever you want to go, we'll work together to plan our best route.

A research-driven design phase builds momentum through collaboration on key questions — from costs and risks to performance and precedents to timelines and markets — then producing a detailed hardware concept to balance it all.


With clear expectations set, you can think as little about the detailed execution as you want.

This phase is all about producing high-quality assets that both capture our design intent and feed directly into a manufacturing flow. Analysis, schematics, layouts, BOMs, firmware, all carefully engineered to professional standards.



When your hardware is ready for manufacture, get the support you need no matter the scale.

For small runs or first articles, in-house manufacturing capabilities may meet your needs. For larger runs, tap our network for a right-sized contract manufacturer. DFM and engineering support will be available until your last board comes off the line.